Day one of my Good Housekeeping internship

I tend to push aside any emotions I have that pose as daunting because if I confront them, it’s like ripping the entire top off a can of worms. Today I felt incredibly anxious about my internship with Good Housekeeping and the longer I had to contemplate my nervousness, the worse it got.

Upon arrival, I sat in reception bolted upright. Awaiting the arrival of the fashion editor who would be looking after me for that week, sipping my second coffee of the morning (which I would come to regret later). After a short while, I was greeted by the editor. She was young, pretty and effortlessly chic. This immediately removed some elements of anxiousness, as her casual aura relaxed me into thinking that this wasn’t going to be like my other internships. Her outfit boasted the kind of thing that I wished I could pull off – a loose fitting, yet flattering striped jumper, paired with black ripped jeans, pulled up black socks and new balance trainers. This look was pulled together with her ruffled wavy hair and smudged, smokey eyes.

After collecting my pass, the fashion editor took me into my office for the week – the fashion cupboard. The cupboard literally did what it said on the tin. The editor then showed me to her desk down the hall and explained in brief, some of my tasks for the week. The instructions flew at me, ricochetting off my brain. I tried not to panic as I realised this environment was all new to me and I thought I’d catch the hang of it eventually. As I resided back to my office it felt reassuring that I had this calm environment (even if it was a cupboard) all to myself – I felt relieved.

I spent the good part of my day, contacting PR companies for imagery for the August/September editors choice feature. This involved sourcing the appropriate companies through a directory and contacting the correct PR rep. Eventually I got the hang of bouncing back numerous emails and my day flew by. Luckily the telephone is broken for now – I’ve been warned about the numerous customer enquiries and complaints that the department get faced with!

The location is fab, sitting right on the edge of Carnaby street. So far, so good. Tomorrow is a brand new day so who knows what it will entail!


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