Day two of my Good Housekeeping internship

Day two was less eventful unfortunately. Due to a transition of editors (one going on leave and one returning), there was less that needed my assistance. So I began checking the emails and adding on to the tasks from the previous day.

Later on, I had the task of emailing different PR companies in the hopes of acquiring exciting press opportunities that the magazine could potentially use for the June issue of the magazine. In the afternoon, I completed the odd task, such as pulling statement necklaces for the editor.

Today was quite placid – I was sent home at 4:30 as I wasn’t really needed, which was a little disappointing because I was so eager to throw myself in. It seems that the week I have arrived just isn’t very good timing as nothing seems to be really occurring that I can get involved with, other than day to day tasks.

One thing I have learnt is how much preparation is involved with running a magazine. With the features that don’t need individual photo shoots to be scheduled (using pr content instead), they can be left to be planned for a later date – the magazine is currently preparing the features for the June issue at the moment. However, if the feature needs it’s own photo-shoot, the magazine needs to be prepared further in advance – the magazine has just finished shooting for its September issue. This is definitely an interesting aspect, as in have always wondered how a magazine manages to constantly have content in time for the release.

A new editor is in tomorrow, so hopefully I will have the opportunity to step up my game a little.


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