Day three of my Good Housekeeping internship

Today I was running late (as per), so I ran like a headless chicken throughout London – of course this meant walking on the left side of the escalator and not staring into space on the right side, terrible I know. Plus, the tube has been temporarily closed in the morning due to overcrowding for the past 3 days, so this didn’t help my timekeeping skills at all. Upon arrival I nervously awaited the new editor who seemed a little more stern. A couple of hours later, she popped in the office and we swiftly began working.

My jobs for the day involved sourcing more images for a new ‘editor’s choice’ feature theme. Later on, I began processing the returns for the PR companies. This involved individually logging every item that was due to be returned (to avoid chaos if a company deems an item to be lost), packaging them up and signing them off to be collected. I found this quite nerve-wracking because ounces of doubt do begin to creep into your head – ‘is this the correct address’, ‘what if I’ve written the details down incorrectly’ and so on, but in the end you just have to use your common sense (because it got you this far) and get on with it.

Today was much more eventful. Plus, as the phone was working, I was able to communicate with other people more freely, giving me a true sense of the running’s of the office – even if I am stuck in a cupboard.

Another aspect that I didn’t consider was the amount of time that you spend alone. For most people, this would be quite boring but for someone like myself, I’m provided with a peaceful environment where I don’t have to feel too nervous.


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