Day Four of my Good Housekeeping internship

This morning felt very productive as I had my jobs prepared from the night before, whilst my editor would be away attending press events for the first part of the day. The sunshine was out and I was in fab mood!

I carried on with a bunch of returns to PR companies, bopping around to the radio. Throughout the morning the emails were flooding in, so I carried on working on our new Editor’s choice theme. It’s funny how quickly you can settle in to an environment that was once deemed as absolutely menacing a few days before. There are a couple of guys in the post room who are really chatty, so every now and then when I get a visitor I get a bit of company! To be honest, I quite enjoy being stored away in the fashion cupboard as I’m a very shy person, so I can get on with my jobs in here, whilst having my own freedom.

Although not a huge amount is occurring for me to get involved with, this internship has been productive in a sense. I’ve been able to experience the environment of a prestigious lifestyle magazine, whilst understanding how fashion shoots and web features work, which is something that I am interested in. You need to be very organised in the fashion cupboard as PR companies and fashion labels send their stock out left right and centre – So you must keep track of where it came from as many brands can represent similar labels. Plus, as soon as they request the stock back you need to 1. Source the stock and 2.Send it back as soon as possible. This is much easier with clothes but with the jewellery it seems to be sufficiently more difficult when keeping track of what belongs to whom – especially when the labels fall off!

How does it all work?

From what I understand, the fashion cupboard must first request the stock from the fashion label or PR Company for a shoot or a feature. This must be done well in advance in order to be as prepared as possible – this would involve requesting the correct sizes and styles for the models being used as it’s obviously not a ‘one size fits all’ job. Once the stock has been used, it is returned to the fashion cupboard and stored away. Then the stock would be packaged and sent back as soon as possible or as soon as the brand requests it to be returned. As you can imagine, the fashion cupboard gets filled up pretty quickly, so I can understand how important it is to keep track of everything!

Target audience

Another important aspect that any magazine needs to consider is who they’re aiming their features at. With Good Housekeeping magazine, their target audience tends to be more mature women who still maintain fabulous wardrobes. As a result, the brands used need to be suitable for the audience. So, it’s quite interesting to see the variation in clients for this audience.



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