Day five of my Good Housekeeping internship

Today started like all of the other days at the London office. I checked up on emails and carried on with returns. The editor said that often PR companies will forget about various bits of jewellery that they have sent to us, so as you can imagine, various parts of the office begin to resemble a land fill. So, today I rummaged through the endless bag of jewellery ensuring the contents made their way back to their old home or they’d be facing the bin.

Later on, I began clearing some of the employees desks for an audit – they had hoarded numerous issues of the various magazines that they represented under their desks, dating back to last year. I was also able to see the library where the old magazines are kept, which was quite cool because some of them dated back to times when I wasn’t even around. You tend to forget how far the magazine industry has come and how much it still continues to grow and advance.

As the beauty cupboard is shared with the fashion cupboard, I often came into contact with the beauty editors of the magazine – they were lovely. I overheard them prepping for a sale and I remember thinking ‘please be today, please be today’. They chucked endless amounts of beauty products into a box, when one of the girls turned to me and said ‘make sure you don’t miss the beauty sale today!’. I don’t think I hid my excitement very well and the work procrastination began until half past three when the sale would commence. The editor fetched me and we queued up for the sale in the kitchen where it was to be held. Female employees impatiently awaited with their massive holdalls, ready to be crammed with the make up and books that were on offer. I thought to myself ‘how much could they possibly buy?’.

Everyone scrambled as soon as the doors opened and the sale began. It was difficult to see what you were picking up because everyone was so on top of each other, but I managed to grab a few bits. Everything was £1 and all the books were about £0.50-£1.00 so everything was an absolute bargain. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes, I was in heaven.

I managed to get my hands on some Nars cream blush, Laura Mercier highlighter, a Clinique smokey eye palette, a Max Factor lipgloss, some NYX make-up setting spray, a Benefit foundation sample, a glossy pink lipstick, a massive tube of Charles Worthington hair mask and some wonderful books on positive thinking. To say I was chuffed was an understatement as I paid about £5 for all of it!! To add to my freebie pile, one of the girls kindly gave me a canary yellow, soft Zara clutch bag that was recently released in store – perfect for the summer. I was so thankful.

This concluded a wonderful week that I’d had at Good Housekeeping. All of the staff were wonderful. Even the more ‘stern’ editor was lovely by the end of the week. Ironically, just as I’d settled in, I was about to leave. Working with a magazine has taught me a lot about how I work and how I can also improve myself. Due to the spontaneity of a magazine, you never know when a piece of work can crop up, so it’s important to be able to think on your feet and work quickly!

All in all, a fab week which taught me some valuable lessons about the career path which I intend to go down.





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