It’s all in the brows


For this post I’m going to be discussing my favourite beauty item – my Make-Up Academy Pro-Brow kit! Normally, when I invest in new beauty products that aren’t expensive, I’m very cynical about their potential performance. However, I was absolutely taken aback with this brow kit from Superdrug – for both price and performance.

The Make Up Academy (MUA) Pro-Brow kit was bought about a year ago and is still going strong. I went searching for it after I spotted one of my friends using it and I thought ‘I must have that’ NOW. Eyebrow pencils never seemed to work with my twitchy hands, so when I saw the price for this eyebrow kit (no more than a couple of pounds) I knew I couldn’t say no – I’m not crazy.

Thanks to theΒ heaven above, big brows are in – meaning us big-bushy eyebrowed ladies can show em what it’s all about. When you are like me, with unruly dark eyebrow hair (‘slugs’ as I like to call them), it can be difficult to stay on top of the grooming game – one stray and I resemble something that should live under a bridge. This is where the Pro-Brow kit comes in and saves the day for me.


The kit has 4 panels – A dark eyebrow shadow, a light eyebrow shadow, a highlighter and some gel to keep your brows in place. As you can see, I have used the darker brow shadow and eyebrow gel, more than the other panels as they aren’t compatible with my darker skin colour. The kit also comes with some mini tweezers and a double ended brush – one end for thicker brows and one end for thinner brows. The pack is great for travelling or just for when you’re out and about.


Β For my routine I use the thicker ended brush and gently swoop through the darker shade. I slowly draw the brush from the middle of my brow towards the edge, creating a sharp point. Once the bulk of the powder has been used after the first go, I gently draw lines on the edges for the front of my brow – I don’t start with the front of my brow otherwise the edges can look too blunt and dramatic. I’ve used a little bit of Laura Mercier highlighter in this frame which helps to highlight under the brow and showcase the eyebrow shape.


Luckily, as I look after my eyebrows, they’re not in terrible shape without the powder. However, I think by filling them in, they stand out much more. You know the saying ‘never take advice from anyone with bad eyebrows’ :). Eyebrows help to frame the shape of your face, So I think it’s important to look after them. Here’s a before (left) and after (right) pic.


The difference is clearly very subtle, but I think it’s worth it. By simply filling in the ends of the eyebrow, it helpsΒ your eyes to pop!

What do you think?


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