Home is where the heart is (and wine)


This week has been quite eventful (in a chilled kinda way). I managed to spend the evening with one of my good friends which was an added bonus and considered unheard of when you’re used to staying in deserted parts of France. I’m still spending my days reading and sunbathing (I’m not this lazy all the time, honest!). After all, home is where the heart is (and wine).

Have a good week


blog 1

A good university friend happened to be in the area so of course we had to have a reunion. BBQ, wine, pool and great company, what more could you need?

blog 2

The beautiful setting of the house where we spent our BBQ.

blog 3

Another day, another nightmarket.

blog 4

Lunch is served! Thanks to my parents’ farming skills we’ve had an abundance of fresh veg, resulting in an endless supply of salads!

blog 5

When in France, wear Pigalle.

blog 6

It would be rude not to? When in France…

blog 7

Always time for a selfie, especially with beautiful surroundings.

blog 8

The best thing about french nightmarkets has to be the food. Food makes him happy.

blog 9

Swimming pool + sun + good friends = perfection


I don’t care how far the shop is, I need wine!


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