The benefits of Citronella essential oil

If you’ve ever been on medication that alters your moods or plays with your emotional receptors then you’ll understand how it feels to be out of control of your own mind and body at times. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in natural remedies that can work alongside or replace traditional medicine in order to help my body run how it’s supposed to instead of being numbed by medication.

I tend to believe that sometimes, patients can just be another number on a piece paper that doctors wish to ‘treat’ and cross off, rather than dealing with each case in a unique way – of course this would be more expensive and time consuming. I’ve had my fair share of doctors that aren’t willing to give up more than a 10 minute slot of their time to try and work through your issues, and this can feel incredibly hurtful – especially if you are in a low place already. At times, I feel as if I am getting no where with the health system, so I thought I would investigate some natural remedies that can supposedly produce similar effects to that of overpriced, over prescribed medication.

I’ve started with citronella oil as it can be ‘uplifting and energising’ (being anemic, this had multiple benefits for me). With this essential oil you do not apply directly to the skin, if you do want to do so you will need to use a base oil to mix the citronella oil with.


Essential citronella oil

I began by using the citronella oil in a bath, mixed with a lavender oil which was lovely. The citronella is supposed to not only be a bug repellent (not really want I want it for), but due to its anti bacterial properties it is supposedly useful for colds, illnesses and acting as a natural deodorant. Plus, citronella oil is meant to be good for clearing the mind.


I didn’t have any natural lavender oil so I had to make do with perfumed lavender oil. It still did the trick though!


I have felt that it has already helped to calm my mind quite well and after the bath I felt extremely relaxed (more so than usual after a bath). I will definitely be continuing this routine once or twice a week to help my mood levels come back to reality.

So far, I’m enjoying this essential oil – good start!


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