How does the moon really affect us?


The moon

During recent times I’ve become infatuated with the moon and it’s relation to human beings. Although there isn’t a significant amount of scientific evidence to prove that the moon has an affect on us, there is definitely a spiritual and historical belief behind the moon’s power.

Historical beliefs

Just think of the word ‘lunatic’, (derived from the Latin word lunaticus) and its connotations with unpredictability or dangerous behaviour and its stem from the word lune (moon). On top of that, there’s always been a theory behind a full moon bringing out our worst behaviour. There have even supposedly been reports that suggest an increase of hospital admissions around times of a full moon.

How can a full moon affect my behaviour?

A full moon is known to heighten behaviours. For instance it may increase your creative tendencies or it may heighten other tendencies from the subconscious mind that could be negative or even spiritual.

A new moon which occurs later on in the calendar is reported to increase negative energies but in a more subtle way. The effects of a full moon are meant to be physical, affecting us in the body, whereas the effects of a new moon are understood to be more mental, affecting our minds.

Funnily enough I had a day this week where I felt incredibly ill. I couldn’t put my finger on the reasons why I was feeling weak, nauseous or headachy. It wasn’t until someone said ‘maybe it’s the full moon tonight’ and referred me to a page on the moon, that I began to understand its potential effects on my behaviour.

A good way to track your behaviour and how it is affected by the moon would be to log your moods two days before and two days after the different moons. It would definitely be interesting to see if there is a connection. Take a look at the moon calendar above to keep track!

Click here to read more information on the wonderful moon.


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