These are a few of my favourite things

 ‘Be brave, love life’ – This is a beautiful belated birthday present from one of my girlfriends. The flipping, heavy pendant with simple messages paired with a dainty chain, creates a necklace that is made for my personality. My friend told me this reminded her of me and I like that.


‘Positive energy’ – This bold and beautiful image is a #repost off of my Instagram account. I love everything that this frank statement represents. I’m all about positivity. Although, don’t get confused, this doesn’t mean that I’m perfect at it. It takes a long time to be a truly happy person, but practice makes perfect and I’m trying every day.


‘A million little pieces’ – I’m an awful reader and it usually takes me years to get through a book. I’ve sped through this James Frey gem thanks to its laid back and approachable, human tone. It’s a great read and it really puts into perspective the kind of people that deal with addictions on a daily basis.


‘Water’ – We know, we know, drinking water is essential for health, beauty, well being etc. I got this cool (kinda childish) beaker (for less than a quid might I add?) to encourage me to drink more liquids. It’s definitely working thus far and will work wonders when I’m dolled up for a night out but don’t want to ruin my lippy on the edge of a cup!



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