Autumn Fashion Fix – The Cosmo Edit

Last weekend was an absolute privilege for me as I was invited by the lovely PR team at Highcross Leicester, to their latest Autumn Fashion Fix which was partnered with Cosmopolitan magazine.

Autumn Fashion Fix provides an opportunity for cities to experience the latest fashion trends coming to life before them, aiming to add some excitement to the often dreary, Autumn wardrobe. This year Autumn Fashion Fix paired up with Cosmopolitan magazine and their beautiful ‘Catwalk to curvy’ columnist, Laura Puddy who created an exclusive Cosmo edit for the fashion show, drawing the audience’s attention to 5 key trends of the season: Faux Fur, Tapestry Folk, Red, New Pastels and Metallics.

Faux Fur

This magical showcase blended faux fur with multiple textures creating bold layers. A breathtakingly beautiful cream faux fur jacket took centre-stage before a rather Impressive headpiece appeared. For this trend, think winter wonderland with a touch of glam, in order to create a truly striking ensemble. If you prefer to be more understated then faux fur doesn’t need to steal the limelight. Simply opt for more subtle colours or faux fur accessories such as a gilet or a quirky clutch bag. As a massive faux fur fan, this trend has to be my favourite – especially due to its love for animals!

Tapestry Folk

This trend took a leap back in time, skillfully blending a vintage feel with contemporary pieces. Materials played a key part within Tapestry Folk, providing rich colours and beautifully subtle tapestry-like prints. This trend is great for someone like me who doesn’t have the patience for meticulous outfit planning. Instead, prints can clash and silhouettes can break the boundaries. As long as the colours compliment one another, then you’re good to go. If you dare to bare those legs this winter, then protect them with a boldly coloured pair of tights. Dark purple works well with this trend in particular.


From scarlet hues to deep berry tones, the red trend not only provided the audience with a massive ‘WOW’ factor, but it also gave hope for the dreary season that lies ahead, and the wardrobes that usually come with it. Models were dressed head-to-toe in brave shades of red, breaking up the ensembles with the occasional accessory, ensuring the focus revolved around the colour in question . If you deem yourself to be an outward thinking fashionista, then take the Red trend to the next level with an entire ensemble consisting of bold red pieces. Don’t worry if you prefer a minimalist look though, as one piece of red clothing is just enough to create a heavy impact. Go on, give it a go, I dare you!

New Pastels

Pastels don’t have to be reserved for the summers that we long for, instead, style this season is having a major shake up with the New Pastels trend. This elegant showcase remained clean cut with sophisticated and structured outlines, whilst fragments of femininity were injected through cute coats using a 60’s twist. This look is incredibly straight forward yet effective. All you need to do is make sure your pastel tones match the temperature outside – cool. In this instance footwear was kept subtle and streamlined, allowing the audience to get whirled away in the pastel dreamland.


The Metallic trend provided us with the dark yet dazzling pieces that we expected for Autumn. Through multiple textures such as shimmering sequins, luscious leathers and reflective accessories, the audience was mesmerised by the display. The presentation which used blacks, golds and silvers gave off a real disco vibe, perfect for the months that lead up to Christmas (yes I said it!). Don’t be fooled by assuming that dark is dull in this case, because, it was the dark palette that stole the show with its chunky footwear and rock’n’roll energy. If you’re intimidated by the idea of a monotone ensemble then perhaps you’ll enjoy the silver metallics that have the ability to add a sparkle to any outfit. For this trend, say goodbye to girly-girl and hello to rock’n’roll.

The Experience

As soon as I entered, the atmosphere was incredible. Energetic house music filled the shopping centre as the audience eagerly awaited (myself included). As my first fashion show as a member of the press, I can definitely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have come away with a lot to learn. The organisation and styling was amazing and I could not fault it. It’s safe to say that the ensembles definitely gave me some ideas for my winter wardrobe. Best of all, the Cosmopolitan goody bags went down an absolute treat. If I could, I would relive the entire experience again, so thank you to Leicester Highcross and Cosmpolitan magazine for providing me with this opportunity! Check out some of the pics below…

me2014 me2014-2 me2014-3 me2014-37 me2014-50 me2014-54 me2014-62 me2014-64 me2014-81 me2014-104 me2014-109 me2014-130


Worn by one, inspired to all.

Photos courtesy of Highcross Leicester


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