Calvin Klein plus-size model causes stir

So recently, you may have been made aware of a stunning plus-size model who was utilised in a recent Calvin Klein campaign. The model –Β Myla Dalbesio, is undoubtedly gorgeous and even though considered plus-size, she clearly fits the beautiful criteria of a CK model.

ck 1 I have to admit when I first heard the news online, due to the way the features reported the event, it came across to me that the model was a UK size 10 – which is of course considered to be slim and technically not plus-size (this begins at UK size 12). I couldn’t believe that size 10 was now considered to be ‘plus-size’, however after a bit of scoping the internet, I discovered that the model was a US size 10 – a UK size 14, and lackluster reporting had just created a misconception.Β ck

Either way it got me to thinking how much I dislike the label ‘plus-size’ in this context. These plus-size women share the same size qualities as most average women (in Britain anyway), so why should they be cornered into a place which puts them in a different, less respected category to our usual, stick-thin models.

What do you think?


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