Change, change, change

Recently, in my life a lot has changed and it’s been a struggle to cope at times but I’m really trying to remember to think positive. A few weeks ago after some guidance from a friend, I decided to buy some crystals to see if their presence could provide me with some good energy. I cleansed them in salt water and now they sit on my window ledge – hopefully providing some happy vibes.

It’s been extremely difficult to stay in a sane state of mind but I think I’m gripping on by the skin of my teeth. The way I see it, at least I’m still hanging, I haven’t fallen quite yet.

Why is it so hard to just be happy and not worry about what’s coming or more importantly what isn’t!

Does anyone have any good tips for keeping a happy state of mind? I could definitely use some help right now!



6 thoughts on “Change, change, change

    • Hi :). I’ve done yoga a couple of times and it really helped, but I found it difficult to find the time to attend classes. Maybe I should try to practice in my own space do you think? X

      • Yes ! A friend of mine does 20minutes of meditation every day and she says it gives her piece . Well, I find it impossible to spend 20/30 minutes thinking about nothing , but I recognize it as an important way of finding inner peace .

      • 20 minutes is quite a long time, I guess really you need to build up to that amount. Little and often is my motto, although I’ve been slacking over the weekend! X

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