Consume, Consume…oh and consume

As a lover of fashion, you do find that the industry has a habit of encouraging individuals to constantly refresh their wardrobe with this weeks’ ‘must have’ item. Each time you fool yourself into buying a fashion magazine and promise that you will skip past the style section, you’re only lying to yourself – instead you find yourself searching for ways to avoid doing the weeks’ food shop in order to get that cute knitted sweat. I must admit, this is the element of fashion that I struggle to get on with the most. However, this provides myself with the opportunity to create fashion in my own way – through buying from second hand vintage shops and charity shops, buying at a discount or simply customising outfits to make them unique.

The recent happenings of ‘Black Friday’ encouraged me to think about our consumption obsession and this lead me to think about the fashion industry as fashion is something that I heavily consume. I’m not sure why the UK have decided to get on board the Black Friday bandwagon – I guess companies saw a way to increase their profit margins, whilst taking the risk that some people mayΒ be seriously injured in the process – morals.

It’s a difficult issue because we all technically have to consume one way or another to survive in this culture. However, it does make you question whether we could be placing our money and resources elsewhere instead of falling into the trap of buying just for the sake of it.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to Christmas shopping time, I will be buying through charity shops. That will leadΒ some people to think that I’m cheap or to be put off, but as a skint student with morals it’s a great way to put your money where it is really needed – plus you can find some wonderful things in charity shops (even new stuff!).


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