I would say in textbook terms, this last month has been incredibly difficult for me. I’ve suffered a significant change in my life after a long-term relationship ended, however this has brought strengthened relationships and friendships, new leases of life and exciting, yet unpredictable future plans.

Something that has helped me to cope with this process, is the fact that life is constantly changing and it always will whether you like it or not. Thus, once you get comfortable and satisfied with your familiar situation, you are already putting yourself in a detrimental position for what life has to throw at you (when I say this, I’m not pointing at my relationship, more my own lack of exploration in life). Once I accepted the fact that I can only control my present and not my future, it helped me to realise that although I can’t control occurrences of the future, I can control how my mind copes with it.

Working on my inner peace through appreciation of life – regardless of what my situation is or whether I consider myself to be unlucky at times, has enabled me to begin the long process of finding a silver lining to every situation. For instance, recently some loved ones in my life have become very ill and unfortunately this has put some things into perspective for me. I despise the fact that someone else’s misfortune helps to emphasise the positives to my life, so I’m hoping that eventually I will be able to experience this same appreciation for life, without experiencing the suffering of others.


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