The path of life

Sometimes certain things can blur the vision of your life path, like loosing a loved one, misplacing or loosing your foot on the career ladder or simply change within itself can be enough to lead you to doubt your very purpose. The most challenging part of these testing scenarios is finding the positivity that hides beneath the depths of their surface. Once you find the positivity located within these situations, life begins to make a lot more sense.

Sometimes of course, you can’t source a justification for an event, but if you can at least take a step towards understanding it, things can gradually become less blurry and a little clearer.

Today, I lost a loved one from my family and I’m having a hard time processing my emotions. I’m the kind of person that due to the fear of facing my emotions, simply shuts down. After speaking to my mother and scratching the surface off of some of these emotions, we were both able to come to a conclusion about our event; all that matters is that you show love to those around you. It doesn’t matter what other people think of your love or how great they consider it to be, all that matters is the love you possess for that individual deep inside your heart. Your heart carries the understanding to a lot of things – most things in fact and if you open it up to love, it accepts a lot more than you would expect.


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