This hurts my heart

“Then the train left, and I walked away, and waited for the next train. I went home and didn’t mention what happened to anyone, not even my wife and children.”

‘What was I meant to say to my children? That Dad was pushed and shoved in the Metro because he’s black? That’s hopeless.” ….

This is what was said by a black gentleman in Paris after a carriage of racist Chelsea Football Club fans refused to let him board the train by shoving him off the train whilst chanting ‘we’re racist’. He later admitted that he didn’t understand English, so was unaware of what was being said specifically. However, he did say how he was fully aware that he was being racially abused because he had experienced it throughout his entire life. It came across as if this was something that he had to face on a regular basis in life – which is so hurtful to even try to begin to understand.

Reading this quote genuinely hurt my heart, bringing tears to my eyes. The fact that people are treated like this during a time when as a society we are experiencing so much difficulty and need to come together, is so disheartening. There are people all over the world who don’t have a place to call home, a family to confide in or a meal to eat. I’m sure many of these people still manage to respect members of society and appreciate the little they have – I’ve come across some for sure. So, why do people continue to spread hate to those who least deserve it?

If you can do anything today, send positive thoughts for this poor man and his bravery to keep on going and to not retaliate to this group of heartless thugs. Do a nice thing today, even smiling at someone passing by, you’ll be surprised by the effect it can have on their day.



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