The importance of gratitude

It’s so common for a vast majority of us to have those occasions where we doubt ourselves, our path, and for some of us, our lives in general. After reading The Secret I learnt about the power of the law of attraction as well as gratitude. These two aspects have become very important in my own journey to positivity and happiness.

Gratitude can be showing appreciation for those around you, yourself, your interests and achievements, even your failures. It’s appreciating everything that you have (the good, the bad and the annoying), whilst showing openness for so much more to come. The problem for most people is appreciating the difficult elements within their lives that may have set them off of track. However, in order to move forward it is really essential to show appreciation for your hardship whilst acknowledging your ability to move forward from it. It took me around 3 years to acknowledge that my hardship actually emitted positivity. This acceptance and gratitude does not happen over night – for me it developed as soon as I was able to heal and start to move forward.

Personally, I became heavily depressed after moving to another country and returning back home without my parents. My lifestyle had shifted, my personality was a shadow of it’s original self and I didn’t even know what happiness was – almost everything was a an act. I’m not sure exactly why this happened, and I was probably in a dark place before I even moved, but France seemed to be the catalyst. However, now I am able to look back on the situation and appreciate what happened to me. There were moments when I didn’t want to be alive and I didn’t know why or how I could feel that way, it consumed my entire thought process. I was told to read The Secret, and it essentially changed my life. Now, I look at the situation as something that I grew from and got through, rather than something that consumed me. It’s also enabled me to be able to empathise and help others who are suffering.

The idea of positive thinking and the law of attraction sounds so floaty and lacking in substance but there are numerous important thinkers reciting this idea of the law of attraction, as well as endless testimonies from people who have read the secret and experienced the same change in their lives, by 1. appreciating what they have and 2. only seeing positive things in their future.

Gratitude can work for the smallest of things, such as ‘I’m thankful because I had the time to have a lovely bath this evening’ to ‘I’m so thankful for having such a supportive group of friends’. The list can be endless but it can work for everyone. For me, I often compare myself to someone who would be worse off than me, whilst encouraging me to remember that others have it worse off and I should be helping them!

Give a try and see how it goes!

Love and Light x


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