New beginnings

It’s never ceases to amaze me how one event can change the direction of one’s entire life. Since I have become single, I often remind myself – ‘my life can go in any direction’. For some people this uncertainty is a threat to their happiness, whilst for me, it provides myself with a thirst for thrill. I used to consider myself to be very uptight and anxious as I worried for the future of any given situation – especially when my situation appeared to be stable. However, through a lot of self discipline and inner strength, I’ve managed to alter certain elements of my personality. 

This week, I travelled to Holland to stay with my family. I hadn’t seen these particular family members in a while and although my aunt is incredibly kind and sensitive to our entire family members and their personalities, I found myself feeling a little nervous for what the week would entail. As time went on I began to kick back and relax.

Now, I’ve been brought up by parents who have lived in Luxembourg, Germany, Holland, France, England and Wales (to name a few), so I’ve always been aware of the fact that I may interpret their desire to taste the world. Before my trip, I’d spoken with my aunt about potentially moving to Holland for a while. I’m currently experiencing a rare point in my life where I have no attachments in terms of relationships, little family within a short distance and no commitments. Don’t get me wrong, I never planned for my life to be this way but my gut instinct has been a major player in this game.

Since my brief fling with The Hague, I’ve decided to stay out there over summer and see how it goes. I’m not quite sure if that means I’m moving abroad, but for now let’s just say, I’m buying a one way ticket.

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  1. Juss says:

    This is Nia’s aunty in this blog :-)….. loved reading this….. Welcome to Holland and new adventures Nia!!!!!!!

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