Moving to Holland – The preparation begins 

In five days, I move to Holland. 

A couple of months ago,I visited my aunt in Holland. This was the second time that I had visited the country as a whole and the first time I had visited this particular area – The Hague. After this fleeting trip, I made the decision to move out there. I can’t say that I had one particular reason for making this impetuous decision, rather it was the fact that I was newly single therefore had little emotional attachment, was feeling adventurous, whilst craving a new environment. It was a huge plus that my family lived in the area, providing me with a home and a base – something that I have so strongly desired since my parents moved to France six years ago and ever since, I have spent my time bouncing between houses. 

Now, I don’t speak Dutch and although I am slowly learning it, I am told by multiple people that everyone in the area, speaks English. This is a huge benefit for me, however I want to expose myself to some of the Dutch culture, thus I will try and teach myself as well as using my Dutch surroundings to educate myself.

After completing a degree, there is still a yearning that exists within my mind, a yearning to carry on learning. So, in between deciding if I want to complete a masters next year, I feel that I need to fill my time appropriating some new skills, rather than flitting away my time and I feel that learning a language would be a wonderful way to demonstrate my capability.

It’s quite strange when you realise that you have a limited amount of time to spend with your loved ones before you move. Whilst each occasion is blissfully happy, hovering in the background is the fact that this could be the last time you see that individual for a long time and during that time, a lot can and will change. However, I like to think that the individuals I am making time to spend my last days with, are people that I will remain in contact with. After all, this is a happy occasion, an exciting point in my life! 






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