Moving to Holland – travelling

I thought that it would be interesting to document my hectic experience whilst moving to Holland in order to perhaps offer some information for others who maybe going through the same experience – I also thought that my blog posts could come in handy when some personal reflection is due. 

Last night I attempted to pack my entire life into 23 kilos worth of suitcase – even after shipping the majority of  my belongings home to France and cramming the remaining possessions into a couple of carry-on bags, the struggle felt truly real. God knows what my wardrobe is going to resemble whilst I live in Holland, but I guess that’s the beautiful thing about European people, they truly don’t seem to care or judge when it comes to clothing or belongings – based on my own experiences anyway. Moving abroad with just one suitcase, means that one needs to learn to be a bit sparing with particular items – something that I am awful at, I’ll happily admit. 

After I gazed at my life that had been carelessly squashed into two bags, (self inflicted – I have 0 patience when it comes to packing), I waited for the emotions to aimlessly run, the personal reflections to promptly surface, but nothing brimmed towards the top like I had preempted. Nonetheless, this was nothing to be disappointed about, I would rather keep my eyes dry for this is an exciting time for me. Although, It was difficult saying goodbye to my sister and my beloved friends, I take reassurance in the fact that Holland is not too far from everyone’s own comfort zones. I simply told myself to ‘just think of it as if you are going back to university’, that way I can deal with the distance on a more rational level! 

Due to the fact that I am an EU resident, this takes some of the pressure off when it comes to visa applications and so forth. However, there are many anxieties pointlessly circling my brain, for instance getting a bank account when I start working (do I need to be a resident?), sorting out healthcare (you can be fined for not taking out coverage), getting a bike (it’s the only way to get around in Holland), possibilities of getting lost and of course  worries of being that strange English loner. I’ve never been the kind of person that naturally enjoys risk or new environments, so it’s been a challenge to get this far but I’m heavily relying on my ability to practice positive thinking and hone in on the law of attraction in order to provide the best experience possible. 

One of my close friends suggested messaging some au pair groups on social media in order to potentially meet som people of my age, living in the area. Surprisingly, I’ve already had some positive responses from some people near where I shall be living, so this is quite promising I hope! This trip is really about pushing myself from my comfort zone, because that’s when life truly begins. 

Once I arrive to Amsterdam airport, I shall be getting a train to The Hague where I will be residing. Hopefully, this process is quite self explanatory as I have only completed this journey once before – being an individual that relies on numerous apps to simply get around london, I consider this to be a little challenging for a simple soul such as myself. Finally, tomorrow I have a meeting for a potential bar job – something I have no experience in, so fingers crossed for me! 

Watch this space as the journey begins…


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  1. Juss says:

    keep sharing your experiences……. xxx

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