Holland – day one 

As the title of this blog post reveals, today was my first day in Holland. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a huge amount cannot typically occur in one day whilst living in a new country, however due to my occasional impatient/anxious traits, I’ve wanted to get the ball rolling pretty hastily. I think a weaker part of me is fearful of any negative emotions that can come into play during a transition such as this, so I want to create as many positive situations as possible – which I consider to be both a flaw and a driver for my personal attitude.

Thanks to my ever so kind aunt and a close friend of hers, I managed to set up an ‘interview’ at a local beach bar – a profession in which I have no experience in whatsoever, but my determination shall overcome this minor setback (one can only hope). So, I set off in the piddling down rain with my aunt to search for this (apparently beautiful beach bar – the pictures were fabulous).

Of course, situations such as this never go to plan and we initially struggled to locate the part of the beach where the bar was situated. After walking that little bit too far, we stumbled across the naturist beach (luckily it was far too windy to be occupied at that time of day, otherwise I’m sure it wouldn’t be fun for either sex). After lots of investigating, trapsing through the deep, damp sand and being caught in a gentle sandstorm, we finally found the bar. To our luck, it was empty, no one in site. This usually immaculate bar was now knee deep in sand and had clearly been battered by a storm that had passed through on Saturday – presuming that the storm had something to do with the owner’s absence, we left and had a coffee at a nearby bar instead, slightly deflated and disappointed.

Shortly after, we received a call rescheduling for another day. As far as I’m aware, the storm had thrown a spanner in the works – no worries, onwards and upwards. I spent the rest of the day applying for any possible job that could potentially suit my skill set, whilst unpacking and settling in to my new life in Den Haag.

In terms of jobs it appears that acquiring one may be more difficult than I had primarily anticipated. A vast amount of the available employment appears to be for the business sector or require a lot of experience in roles that I have never touched. Now, I have a good amount of experience when it comes to editorial roles, however, this isn’t a prevalent career path it seems.

Fingers crossed, day two impatiently awaits.


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