The attractive sister of London

Amsterdam is like the attractive sister of London. The kind of sister that allows others to take centre stage, knowing that one day she’ll get noticed. Amsterdam smiles, whether on a long commute or simply whilst embarking on a pleasurable journey of leisure and exploration. Perhaps it is the lackluster effort to be angry or frustrated, or the absence of restriction placed on the inhabitants and tourists of the city that allow them to unlock this apparent happiness, which other cities seem to lack.

Almost every other happy Larry is riding an old, beat-up traditional Dutch bicycle. The paint job doesn’t need to be immaculate and often a sign of rust or damage signifies passionate use rather than neglect – thus the bike’s appearance equates to nothing and I feel that this reflects Dutch people’s desire to engage primarily in function over the sick, selfish obsession that many have over self-presentation – something which sister London is heavily guilty of participating in. Amsterdam exposes itself to be an influential, elegant and powerful city, but the element of aggressive competition appears to be refreshingly absent.

Today, the weather is glorious and the air is hot, so when the harsh winter falls upon the canals, the positive aura could rapidly enter a hibernation phase, along with the buzz of the city, but if it matches up to its descriptive rumours spoken by others, then perhaps throughout all seasons, Amsterdam can sit safely on its pedestal.


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