Go local

In our ever expanding society which commits to constantly increasing efficieny of lifestyle, speed of communication and technological advancement – all claiming to act as some kind of phony benefit to improve our own lifestyles to a point where we can really experience authentic happiness (bullshit), we can get lost amongst the crowd, indulging in dreams sold to us by larger, institutions which love to gentrify and exploit – all for a tasty profit, whilst selling us the idea that it was our choice all along.

Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that these advancements allow me to touch down in stunning land scapes such as Cape Town, but once my toes are firmly wiggling in the soil, I have an urge to explore and go local.

In Woodstock, Cape Town lies a modest shack, hidden among the chaos of the rather developed waterfront – a five minute journey away. Take three single steps into the Cintha food hall and you will be blown away with fresh, delicious and authentic delicacy whilst being greeted with the brightest of smiles. Ps heaven for a vegetarian!

I am still thinking about it now!!