Holland – week two

I can’t believe it’s almost been two weeks. I feel very positive about starting my new life in Holland which is such a refreshing sentiment due to the fact that my last overseas move didn’t execute itself so smoothly. If you’ve read my blog before, you may have noticed my commentary on my previous move to France (sometimes positive, other times realistically reflective). However, second time around, I think the element of choice is something that heavily differentiates these two scenarios. The fact that I chose to move this time around has lifted a lot of emotional weight off of my shoulders as the ball is entirely in my court. Unfortunately, at times, this factor can also create supplementary internal pressure, because after all this was my decision, so I do occasionally consider that if it were to be unsuccessful, I would be solely to blame – I suppose this is a common facet of adulthood some might argue – owning up to your own responsibilities.


A typical bike traffic jam

Last week on the top of my list of priorities was a job search, sourcing a bike (it’s practically impossible to go without one) and meeting a few people. So, I carried on trailing the typical job sites as well as using LinkedIn and to my surprise, was offered one official job interview from a media company based in Amsterdam, as well as an internship for a big lingerie company. Sourcing a bike seemed to be a little more difficult than anticipated as I found myself staring at unresponsive posts that I had created on Facebook and bike forums. In the end I received a couple of responses and I was lucky enough that my dad was around at the weekend to vet them – I’m still on the lookout.

In terms of social life, it’s difficult after only being here for such a short period of time, but through an au pair forum on Facebook (even though I’m not au pairing 😉 ) I received some communication from a few girls, around my age, originating from all over the globe. who were in a similar boat to me – so we’ve arranged to meet up. It’s quite difficult to meet individuals when your natural environment does not enable this – so this is where a job will come in very handy for me and my currently non-existent social life!

In the meantime, I was able to utilise my family connections to gain a trial shift at a bar on the beach. My bar experience is pretty lacking but my ability to speak the native language is practically non-existent, so I truly felt like I had thrown myself into the deep end, with the sharks and every ocean creature. It was extremely daunting to go through the interview process in a completely new country but I managed it with a smile and bagged a job as a bar runner. I feel pleasantly surprised that within two weeks I have obtained official employment – it’s a pretty cool feeling. Yesterday I had my first drinks spill (balancing a tray of liquids in one hand is much more difficult than people realise – especially if you’re a clumsy fool like me). Most of the drinks fell down myself which was fine, however the remainder happened to plummet into the customers’ handbag which was absolutely mortifying. I’m hoping today goes more smoothly, nonetheless, this experience has taught me that nothing in life is plain sailing, so I just need to encourage myself to get back up again and carry on!


Not a bad work view


Which direction and how?

Do you ever sit and look at the people that surround your life and wonder how things will work out for you? For the most part, the common element which seems to become all too familiar for many people in my life is stress and this is something that like everybody else, I want to stay away from, because once stress grabs you, it becomes difficult to escape from.

I’m at a very delicate time in my life where I will probably hover in some kind of unemployed limbo where I yearn for my previous student life and although it provides reoccurring pangs of excitement, it also teases me with occasional fear. Yet to be tainted by the world that I hear so many complain of, I’m essentially going into this with my eyes closed and my hands spread in front of me.

My issue is the fact that I don’t have a plan. Employment wise I don’t know what I want to do or how I’m going to get there. I know that there are many others exactly like me, but the thing is that secretly, deep down, it seems that even these cheeky gits have some sort of direction. I like to see my situation as a positive one and one that will provide excitement and opportunity.

Often life throws you things that you cannot change and the skill is in how you handle this situation. For every path that ends, there is a new one being laid for you, paving the way for an alternative route – like a personal sat nav. Once I can fully embrace this concept, I feel that I may be able to deal with the uncertainty and in turn, appreciate it.

This track by Johnson & Jonson fits my feelings pretty well. Take a listen…