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Current vibes:


Music is healing my soul

As my emotions appear to have been robbed for the time being, I await their return. Until then, I am floating in a state of limbo where numbness is the only thing I feel. On some days, this is helpful and on others, it is soul destroying. One thing that still allows me to feel that quiver in my tummy and for a smile to creep upon my face is music. Bonobo are incredibly atmospheric and have acted as some kind of cliche music therapy for myself in recent times.

Check out one of my favourite tracks by them…

Listen to this: Prinze George – Victor

I am typically quite bad at sourcing music – my iPod is random and out of date, with the odd recent album thrown on there for when I get irritated with my awful playlists. Lately, I’ve been using the playlist finder 8 Tracks, which was where I came across this track. Prinze George – victor.

It’s quite chilled and emotive – my favourite kind.

Take a listen to this…